Friday, November 27, 2009

Bello Rodrigo!

Bello Rodrigo!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Show Some Love

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Monday, November 16, 2009

MIX 22: The Trailer

Friday, November 13, 2009

MIX 22: Kicks off Tuesday Nov 17

MIX NYC presents
The 2009 New York Queer
Experimental Film Festival

@ The MIX Factory
  125 West 21st Street
Btw. 6th & 7th Aves. New York, NY
Subway: 1,C,E,F,V,R or W to 23rd Street
PATH Train to 23rd Street

Full festival details, catalog and tickets available at:

If you listen intensely, and stand right on the edge of the platform, you can hear it. It's the sound of the 2009 NY Queer Experimental Film Festival rolling in toward the station. Arrival time: Tuesday Nov 17th, 8 pm.

Before you know it, you'll be on-board and hearing "Stand clear of the closing doors." Next stop: The MIX Factory!

So grab a seat and hold on: We're going down into the depths of the imagination's queer experimental underground. It's going to be a wild ride. We promise.

Schedule Overview

Tues, Nov 17 | 8 PM
Opening Night: Making All Local Stops
This year, MIX takes off with Green Fuse on the express track, a swirl of colors and frenetic editing. On the local track, pause with the meditative biography of Delphinium, about the early life of Derek Jarman. The works in this show are from all boroughs, and terminate Swedish-style with an erotic interpretation of everyone's caboose.

Weds, Nov 18 | 7.30 PM
From Brooklyn to Berlin to Nova Scotia, the films in this program trace different histories of gentrification and corporate takeover from the late 1960s to present day. From Brooklyn to Berlin to Nova Scotia, the films in this program trace different histories of gentrification and corporate takeover from the late 1960s to present day. Vanessa Renwick's House of Sound portrays a loss in Detroit, while Jem Cohen longs for the city of New York with Patti Smith, and Samara Halperin laments Astroland.

Weds, Nov 18 | 10 PM
Our Gorgeous Nightmares
MIX presents a banquet of fragrant imagery and flagrant catastrophe, fashioned by directors making love with designers and actors doubling as models poised on Jungian runways in hyper-colored darkness and swimming in dreamscapes encrusted with poetic texture.

Thurs, Nov 19 | 6 PM
Facilitate This!
EE Miller, guest curator
Facilitate This! considers representations of "the meeting" in queer imagination and history. How do we imagine meeting? How do we come together? The program includes a montage of fabulous meetings from features and movements past; a selection of short films; and presentations for the "perfect meeting" from kara lynch, Sarah Schulman, and Ginger Brooks Takahashi.

Thurs, Nov 19 | 8 PM
Fig Trees
Fig Tress is an operatic documentary about the struggle of two AIDS activists--Canadian Tim McCaskell and South African Zackie Achmat. Both have fought tooth-and-nail for the provision of anti-retroviral drugs to treat AIDS. In John Greyson's film they are ably supported by Gertrude Stein, a singing albino squirrel, and St. Teresa of Avila.

Thurs, Nov 19 | 10 PM
Luminous Darkness
Daniel Mckernan, guest curator
After the success of Homoccult & Other Esoterotica (MIX 2007), this lineup of shorts is a second coming of satanic queers and psychedelic wild boys. This is a new set of magickal, sexually transgressive videos focusing on erotic ritual and performance. Luigi & Luca, Lukas Beyeler, Gio Black Peter,
Dominic Johnson, JodyJock, Zackary Drucker, and others show us works dealing with sex, violence, the occult, magick, and other mystic esoterica.

Fri, Nov 20 | 7 PM
Stepping Out of Time
Breaking down the language of dance, and luring the human form into new realms of cinematic experimentation, the films in this program are stories told primarily with the body, and its capacity to communicate with its shape and momentum. With a world premiere from Arthur Aviles and US premiere by Mara Mattuschka & Chis Harring.

Fri, Nov 20 | 7.30 PM @ Union Docs
Travel Queeries*
Travel Queeries is a feature documentary film that explores the life, culture, art and activism of queer individuals and groups throughout a selected group of European cities.

Fri, Nov 20 | 8.30 PM
Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry
Awarded the 2008 Images Prize at its premiere, Daniel Barrow's newest "manual animation" combines overhead projection with video, music, and live narration to tell the story of a garbage man with a vision to create an independent phone book chronicling the lives of each person in his city.

Fri, Nov 20 | 10 PM
Never Satisfied
A program of international sex and subversion, and a swift kick in the pants to conformity. This red-hot lineup includes a transgender homage to Peter Berlin and to psychedelic sapphistry.

Fri, Nov 20 | 12 MID
Misanthropic Mania

These defiant, dysfunctional, deviant heroes show unapologetic displays of camp, gender anarchy, bodily fluids and boundary bashing. It's a tsunami of expression, releasing frustration against the co-optation of queer, crashing down the walls of static identities. Catch Gary Fembot's sci-fi imagining of AIDS activism and Nica Ross's queeruptive take on The Wizard of Oz.

Sat, Nov 21 | 6 PM
Mirrors, Smoke and Glass
Through lenses and glass, distorted in mirrors, in retrospect and in spectacle, fragmented, pieced together and embedded in their surrounding environments, the artists in this program render reflections of themselves or paint a portrait of other artists.

Sat, Nov 21 | 8 PM
Bigger Than Life

Join author Jeffrey Escoffier and his guests Wakefield Poole  (Boys in the Sand), Joe Gage (Kansas City Trucking Co.), Owen Hawk, and others, for this talk and clip show about the intesection of gay porn and experimental film. ASL interpreted.

Sat, Nov 21 | 10 PM
Creepy Dirty Girlie

Creepy Dirty Girlie includes both direct and indirect examinations of dark and queer aspects of women's sexuality not often seen in our commodity-driven media. We see desires that are unresolved, elude a single meaning, and extract pleasure where it has often been denied.

Sun, Nov 22 | 4 PM
A Different Take
Lights, sound, camera, action! Welcome to MIX NYC's fourth year of "A Different Take," a video production workshop for LGBTQ youth and young adults. This year, participants were paired up with college filmmakers who mentored students through their production process.
Free admission for youth age 23 and under

Sun, Nov 22 | 6 PM
Do It To It
This program highlights works that actively demonstrate, reflect, and interpret the hard work that people do; these works have varying relationships with local and global communities and with activist and artistic projects, including Zavé Martohardjono's doc about Transy House in Brooklyn.

Sun, Nov 22 | 8 PM
Closing Night: Maggots & Men
Seeing Cary Cronenwett's Maggots and Men, you have nothing to lose but your perceptions of gender. This utopian re-visioning of the Kronstadt Uprising of 1921, featuring film history's first cast of over 100 transgender actors, paints an idyllic portrait of formerly pro-Soviet sailors at the Kronstadt naval garrison who rebelled against the perceived failures of the new Bolshevik state.


Once again, the MIX Factory will transform itself from the inside out, and in the process present a number of engaging, if not provocative, site-specific installation and performance pieces. Enrich your MIX experience before and after screenings by taking in these exhibitions and experimentations in multi-media.

Curated by Installations Coordinator Dominic Cloutier, with works by Noam Gonick and Luis Jacob, Lori Hiris, Kadet Kuhne, Marc Arthur, Inbred Hybrid Collective, Smith and, Lowles, Atif Siddiqui, Stephen Kent Jusick, Hector Canonge, Peter Cramer, Patrick Staff, Bill Hsu, and Adriana Varella.

Wildflowers of Manitoba, Noam Gonick and Luis Jacob

Get details about the whole line up
and buy your tickets online at:

Admission/Suggested Donation/Give What You Can
Opening Night - $20
Regular shows - $11
Closing Night and Special Events - $15
*Travel Queeries - $7


This is MIX's 22nd year presenting the latest in queer experimental film and previously unseen works from legendary figures in avant-garde cinema.

In addition to our yearly festival of screenings, exciting interactive installations, and infamous parties, MIX NYC also provides year-round community screenings, a summer media workshop for queer youth, and film preservation projects. MIX also is home to the groundbreaking ACT UP Oral History Project, documenting how collective action transformed AIDS activism, queer identity and health care in America.

79 Pine Street #132

New York, NY 10005

MIX NYC promotes, produces and preserves experimental media that is rooted in the lives, politics, and experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and otherwise queer-identified people. MIX's work challenges mainstream notions of gender and sexuality while also upending traditional categories of form and content.

MIX NYC, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization, is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, New York City Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Materials for the Arts, Experimental Television Center, Visual AIDS, the Gesso Foundation, Gill Foundation, Phil Zwickler Charitable & Memorial Foundation Trust, and the generosity of many individuals!

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Landrieu and Lieberman

Now, I know a lot of my friends and family who are reading this don't have much money. So, don't think this email is about money. It's not. It's about action and something you can do to help us get over the hurdles that the RIGHT WING have planned to block HEALTHCARE reform in the US Senate.

Make no mistake. The only way to get over these hurdles is to make sure a solid majority of Senators back the best healthcare reform bill that's available. (Not that the House bill makes me leap for joy, but it's the best we've got for now.) So we've got to overcome the right wing's CONSPIRACY by beating them at their own political game.

HOW? By convincing moderate DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS that they should stand on the side of the American public, not on the side of the establishment and SPECIAL INTERESTS. We need them to prevent a FILIBUSTER in the Senate.

WHO? There are several moderates who are teetering on the edge, but who need a push from the CITIZENS of this country, to remind them to DO THE RIGHT THING.

Mary Landrieu is a Senator from Louisiana. You may or may not know her. She's a Democrat. But she's already under enormous pressure by lobbyists and interest groups to OPPOSE healthcare REFORM. She needs more convincing that she has a duty to all Americans, especially those who voted for President Obama, and that duty is to PASS the Senate bill.

Joe Lieberman is someone else we need to DO SOMETHING ABOUT. He says he'll KILL THE PUBLIC OPTION and prevent a vote by caucusing with the Republicans on the bill. If you don't know, Joe is an Independent who used leverage and power to MANIPULATE his way back into the Senate when the people of Connecticut didn't support him in that state's 2006 Primary Elections. He's a dangerous threat to best healthcare bill we've got.

So you'd like to know "WHAT CAN I DO?" Tell Landrieu and Lieberman not to stand in the way of progress. Tell them they must not undermine this incredible opportunity to bring EQUAL ACCESS in healthcare to all Americans. Even if you're not from their states, you can still tell them. They need to know THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING. They need to know they are accountable. Their constituents don't have to be the only ones giving them EXTRA PRESSURE. Any US citizen can make a difference by holding ALL our elected officials accountable.

Look, if Landrieu and Lieberman ABANDON reason, and BETRAY the electorate, you can bet that the citizens of those states will want revenge. But Louisianans and Connecticutians (yes, it's a word) won't have the only say in such matters of importance, either. The national political parties will come down on them, and ALL US CITIZENS will have a roll to play in bringing them down, too.

So GET IN THE GAME! How? Get on the phone. Start calling anyone you know in those states and remind them to raise hell until these two Senators are fully on board. And get on the Internet... you have REAL POWER there. You can LOG ON to and communicate with any Senator you wish.

Progress on healthcare reform will not happen by itself. EVERYONE needs to do their part. It's not just the AMERICAN WAY, it's the ONLY WAY to bring about change on such a scale. Universal free healthcare does not have to be a myth. We can make it real. But only by doing REAL WORK. Only by taking responsibility, each one of us, can we establish real EQUALITY and JUSTICE for all.

Just my thoughts for the day. Here are some related links:


P.S. One more thing you can do:

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