Monday, November 09, 2009

Landrieu and Lieberman

Now, I know a lot of my friends and family who are reading this don't have much money. So, don't think this email is about money. It's not. It's about action and something you can do to help us get over the hurdles that the RIGHT WING have planned to block HEALTHCARE reform in the US Senate.

Make no mistake. The only way to get over these hurdles is to make sure a solid majority of Senators back the best healthcare reform bill that's available. (Not that the House bill makes me leap for joy, but it's the best we've got for now.) So we've got to overcome the right wing's CONSPIRACY by beating them at their own political game.

HOW? By convincing moderate DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS that they should stand on the side of the American public, not on the side of the establishment and SPECIAL INTERESTS. We need them to prevent a FILIBUSTER in the Senate.

WHO? There are several moderates who are teetering on the edge, but who need a push from the CITIZENS of this country, to remind them to DO THE RIGHT THING.

Mary Landrieu is a Senator from Louisiana. You may or may not know her. She's a Democrat. But she's already under enormous pressure by lobbyists and interest groups to OPPOSE healthcare REFORM. She needs more convincing that she has a duty to all Americans, especially those who voted for President Obama, and that duty is to PASS the Senate bill.

Joe Lieberman is someone else we need to DO SOMETHING ABOUT. He says he'll KILL THE PUBLIC OPTION and prevent a vote by caucusing with the Republicans on the bill. If you don't know, Joe is an Independent who used leverage and power to MANIPULATE his way back into the Senate when the people of Connecticut didn't support him in that state's 2006 Primary Elections. He's a dangerous threat to best healthcare bill we've got.

So you'd like to know "WHAT CAN I DO?" Tell Landrieu and Lieberman not to stand in the way of progress. Tell them they must not undermine this incredible opportunity to bring EQUAL ACCESS in healthcare to all Americans. Even if you're not from their states, you can still tell them. They need to know THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING. They need to know they are accountable. Their constituents don't have to be the only ones giving them EXTRA PRESSURE. Any US citizen can make a difference by holding ALL our elected officials accountable.

Look, if Landrieu and Lieberman ABANDON reason, and BETRAY the electorate, you can bet that the citizens of those states will want revenge. But Louisianans and Connecticutians (yes, it's a word) won't have the only say in such matters of importance, either. The national political parties will come down on them, and ALL US CITIZENS will have a roll to play in bringing them down, too.

So GET IN THE GAME! How? Get on the phone. Start calling anyone you know in those states and remind them to raise hell until these two Senators are fully on board. And get on the Internet... you have REAL POWER there. You can LOG ON to and communicate with any Senator you wish.

Progress on healthcare reform will not happen by itself. EVERYONE needs to do their part. It's not just the AMERICAN WAY, it's the ONLY WAY to bring about change on such a scale. Universal free healthcare does not have to be a myth. We can make it real. But only by doing REAL WORK. Only by taking responsibility, each one of us, can we establish real EQUALITY and JUSTICE for all.

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