Thursday, October 30, 2014

Faerie Samhain Circle * PLUS * Quito & Sunbeam's Birthdays!

Faeries & Friends: Come get your ancestor worship on this Friday night after the Halloween parade. And while you're at it, celebrate Quito's and my birthdays! FREE! Cake and cookies! Need I say more?

Faerie Samhain Circle
PLUS Quito & Sunbeam's Birthdays!
Tomorrow: Friday Oct 31 at 8 pm

Le Petit Versailles
245 East 2nd Street

Help us close the garden! Well, we're not really closing it. But this is the time when it's getting colder, and catching up with friends gets more difficult as biting winds snake through the gaps in your layers.

So join radical faerie friends of the garden in calling up the ancestors, setting intentions for the chilly and perhaps hallowed space, and preparing for a season of hibernation without, we pray, so much isolation.

The 31st is Quito Ziegler's birthday too, so there will be at least one spectacularly delicious carrot cake by the one and only PennyRoyal (Vanessa Rae). And Sunbeam is also tacking his birthday celebration on to the event, so it's just going to be one huge mashup of a super-party. Other delicious sweets and magical treats will abound.

The order of things will go like this (although not necessarily at these times precisely):

8 pm - Gather
9 pm (ish) - Faerie Ancestor Ritual
9:30 pm (ish) - Cake, Music and Dancing

Recommended drag: Witchy or Bitchy


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