Thursday, October 02, 2008

vote, god damn it!

i'm not playin' around here. if you don't register your ass to vote this year, i'm gonna personally hunt you down and torture you in the worst way i know how. (hey, it's legal now, right?)

yeah, i'm gonna tie you up and force you to listen to me read the full text of the worst legislation passed by congress and the president in the last eight years, repeatedly and continuously, until you die from the pains of your own irredeemable guilt. to remind you, this includes such doozies as:

the patriot act (I and II)
the war powers act
the military commissions act
the no child left behind act
the jobs and growth tax relief reconciliation act
the partial-birth abortion ban act
the medicare prescription drug, improvement, and modernization act
the energy policy act of 2005
the FISA amendments act
and many, many more...

of course, there's also every one of the fucking supplementary spending bills that have funded our war against human rights everywhere and the sovereignty of nations (aka the "war on terror"), totaling between 1-3 trillion dollars (depending on who you ask).

and just to make things fun, i might also read you the text of bush's resolutions to withdraw from the anti-ballistic missile treaty and the kyoto protocol, too.

so, are you shitting your pants yet?

then register TODAY before it's too late. it's so easy. just go to:

i mean it.


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