Friday, July 30, 2010

$100 MetroCards? Fuggedaboutit!

With the MTA's latest fare hikes, we'll be paying more and getting less. Sign the petition:

"Limited unlimited MetroCards for $100?


The MTA needs to stop using fare hikes as a short-term fix and come up with long-term solutions to solve its budget crisis."
Dear Friends,

The MTA has outdone itself. This week, they announced another round of potential fare hikes — including a plan to make "unlimited" monthly MetroCards limitedstarting January 1st.

Translation: Even as the cost goes up to nearly $100 per month, monthly MetroCards will only get you about 3 rides per day next year — the 4th ride will cost you extra. (Or you can pay even more for a truly unlimited card).1

This "limited unlimited" is just the most outrageous part of a new round of fare increases announced by the MTA. But we're sick of this ridiculous cycle.

The MTA has to get the message that they can't keep using more and more fare hikes as a short-term fix
they need a real long-term plan to restore the finances of New York City's transit system.

Will you join this fight by signing a petition opposing the fare hikes?

NYC Transit riders already pay more than our fair share of the cost to keep the transit system running
more than almost any other major city in America. And these increases amount to a new tax on millions of working families.

What is the solution? The MTA needs a long-term plan to stabilize its finances and keep subways and buses affordable, one that asks everyone who benefits from the system
riders, commuters, drivers, and area businesses to pitch in equally. And elected officials in Albany, City Hall, and Washington must stop under-funding public transportation.

But the first step is showing the MTA and the politicians that transit riders are fed upand won't take new fare hikes sitting down. We want to create a public outcry against these new increases that's strong enough to put the MTA on notice
so please sign the petition, and then forward this message to all the subway riders you know.


1. "MTA Sets Fare Rise" Wall Street Journal July 28, 2010


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