Friday, September 03, 2010

New York's Community Gardens Need You

We're about to lose the law that protects community gardens from developers.

Tell New York City officials:
"Our community gardens need permanent protection so they can keep making New York City stronger, greener, and friendlier."
Dear Friends,

New York City's community gardens are at risk. After 8 years, the law that protects these shared spaces from being turned over to private developers is about to expire.

The NYC Parks Department is working on new rules to protect these gardens, but garden advocates are concerned these rules won't be strong enough.1

City officials will release their latest draft of the new rules in just a few days — can you sign our emergency petition telling them to permanently protect our community gardens?

In some parts of NYC, these gardens are the only kind of parks or public green space residents have. They bring neighbors together, teach our kids about protecting the environment, and help ease pollution in our dense metropolis.

The only way to prevent that from happening again is by making sure the City's new rules give permanent protection to our community gardens
and support the creation of more gardens, not the destruction of the nearly 300 that we already have and cherish.

Please sign the petition telling Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Parks Department to permanently protect our community gardens:


1. "New Rules Worry Community Garden Advocates" - New York Times, 7/6/10


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