Sunday, March 03, 2013

Radical Faerie Heart Circle

heart-circle-1Forest of the Future
67 West St Rm.527, Brooklyn
3 pm • Call 212 608 0805 for door
Sun Beam Facilitating

Heart circle is one of the central traditions of radical faerie community. It is the time when faeries come together as equals to speak and listen to one another through our hearts.

Usually a talisman of some kind is used to identify the faerie who is speaking. As long as that faerie holds the talisman, they may speak without interruption or feedback, and everyone else listens with as much attention and compassion possible. As the talisman is passed around the circle, each faerie has the opportunity to speak or to pass it along.

Speaking from the heart is difficult to define, but when we're doing it right, it becomes obvious. The quality of a heart circle comes as much from the listening as from the speaking. Some have had deeply emotional, healing, transformative experiences in heart circle. It's generally okay to join the circle in progress, to take a break, or to leave entirely if one feels the need.

Heart Circle will be held from 3 to 6 pm each Sunday that the Forest is available to us: March 3rd, 10th, and 17th. You don't need to identify as a faerie to participate. All are welcome to join.


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