Thursday, September 29, 2016

Are you available to help?

Able-bodied friends,

Are you available to lend me a hand at home this weekend? I need help to begin packing up my apartment. (Yes, I'm moving from Brooklyn to Rhode Island by late October/early November, in case you haven't heard that news from me quite yet.)

I'm looking for folx to help anytime this Sunday, Oct 2. This is just round one of packing so it won't involve any heavy lifting. No furniture or books to move yet, just clothes, kitchen stuff, knickknacks, and the like.

Two or three volunteers would be VERY advantageous, and of course the more the merrier.

I will feed you, pour you drinks, smoke you up, do sexy dances, etc. Whatever it takes to get a few cheery helpers, please!

Please email me back if you can spare two or three hours on Sunday (morning, afternoon, or evening). Don't try texting or calling... my phone is out of service.



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