Sunday, October 26, 2014

Seeking Co-Organizers & Collaborators to Plan a Radical Queer Play Party

YOOO-HOOO - ANNOUNCEMENT: Calling all kinky kweens, faeries, fags, femmes, dykes, tranimals, gender out-laws and other sexy in-betweens!

My friend Hyphen and I have done some initial legwork to organize a real, sexy, radical, queer, play party in Brooklyn later this fall. We have a date, a space, and a creative concept for the party worked out. In addition, we intend for the party to raise money for a venerable radical queer non-profit institution here in the city: Le Petit Versailles!

This all-gender play party will be hot and sexy, and the antithesis of sex parties that are only for certain in-groups, narrowly defined fetish groups, people of a specific color, ethnicity, or body type. Queer-identifying people across the entire spectrum of human sexuality are welcome. We don’t even want cost to be a barrier for you to attend, so we will follow faerie tradition with a “more if you can, less if you can’t” admission policy. When we say radical, that’s what we mean.

We believe that a healthy, sex-positive, intentional community is one that has regular space to come together to safely negotiate consensual boundaries. How else can you build an army of lovers? We will not fail!* And we hope you can join us for our inaugural event in early December.

Right now, we're making a special appeal to the kinky set to ensure this party is off the charts. We need help to make this happen. So, we will be meeting both at Hyphen's house AND via Google hangout (so you can log on from wherever!) to discuss details next Tuesday, Oct 28th @ 8 PM. Jason & I organize with a non-hierarchical momentum-based decision making process.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO HELP US ORGANIZE, please reply to this post.

Email me back and I'll add you to the organizer list.

-+-+-+ Sappho’s Reply +-+-+-

My voice rings down through thousands of years
To coil around your body and give you strength,
You who have wept in direct sunlight,
Who have hungered in invisible chains,
Tremble to the cadence of my legacy:
An army of lovers shall not fail.

From The Hand That Cradles the Rock © 1974 by Rita Mae Brown

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