Friday, December 18, 2009

End the criminalization of HIV infection

Do you know that HIV isn't spread by spitting, and that condoms are an effective HIV prevention tool?

Of course you do.

But this information seems to be outside the knowledge of many in the legal system across this country, where the criminal prosecution of people living with HIV often continues to ignore the facts.

It's bad enough that the criminalization of HIV wreaks havoc in the lives of those who are charged or jailed or labeled as bio-terrorists, like this case in Michigan.

But these cases are also spreading misinformation about HIV -- scaring people away from testing, treatment and care, and feeding into HIV stigma.

I have endorsed a letter that will be sent to the CDC by the Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project, Project UNSHACKLE, and the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance, urging the CDC to take meaningful action to end the criminalization of HIV/AIDS infection.

Full history, details and links for further information and adding your endorsement are available at :

Please join me in endorsing the letter to CDC  asking them to keep their own promises to address HIV criminalization.

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