Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Call for Volunteers | Forest of the Future | NOW through March 20

Hello my friends. This is a mass email sent via my trusty personal email list [frankslist]. It has been almost a year since I've sent any messages out via this list, so please forgive me if this is unwelcome at this time. I'll unsubscribe you from the list no questions asked, if you just let me know I should.

That said, please see the following call for volunteers. It's for a community-building project (as well as art installation and performance series) I'm currently working on, which will be loads of fun. Please consider getting involved. We need helpers immediately.

xoxo Frank

Forest of the Future is Currently Seeking Volunteers

The Forest of the Future is a collectively-built art installation that imagines what a queer future might look like. During its existence, the Forest will host a series of conversations and performances, photo lectures and parties which aim to connect various queer communities’ past, present, and future.

This month-long happening is a symbolic process where people with a broad range of queer experiences work together to acknowledge, process, and move closer to overcoming individual and subcultural differences. We do this in service of a greater movement for queer/trans/third gender/human rights and a strategic cultural shift in how gender is perceived and structured globally.

The Forest of the Future will be open to the public from March 2-15, 2013 at 67 West Street, #525, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Installation + ongoing conversations are now happening at the space; load-out will run through March 20.

We are currently seeking volunteers to help us with various aspects of this wonderful and historical installation. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to be more involved in building ties within the various queer art and activist communities and to connect with queer visitors travelling from Berlin, Paris, Nepal, Sweden, England, Ireland, Philly, Vermont, Atlanta and Tennessee.

This much-anticipated event will not only be a fabulous social happening but also a showcase for exceptional contemporary art featuring work from the emerging to the established. Most importantly of course, this event supports and promotes visual and performance artists while serving as a comprehensive hub and catalyst for various queer art and activist communities.

There are a variety of ways for you to help out! Volunteers are needed for a number of roles:


Production Load-in: Assist event planners with placement of seats/stage props etc, setting up art installation materials and decorations. People with the ability to lift heavy objects and with experience in construction, set desgin, etc. preferred. 

Door & Hosting: Assist guests with getting into the building, operate elevators etc. and bathroom directions etc. Answer general questions about the event. Great for volunteers with customer service skills!

Food Service: Work at events serving drinks and snacks. Assist catering captain with nightly dinners for performers and staff.

Maintenance & Load-out: Daily "freshening" of the space, clean-up, trash removal, etc. After March 15, clear materials out of the general space, collect and package stage pieces and signage, chairs, garbage.

Documentation: Assist with recording, photographing, and chronicling performances, the event in general, and it’s participants through multimedia, aka photography, video, audio, etc.

Volunteer shifts are available NOW through March 20th. We need as many helping hands as we can get, even if you can pitch in on a limited basis. Perfect for anyone seeking experience in the arts, as well as event coordination, exhibition installation, community organizing, and more.

Benefits of volunteering:
  •     Community Building
  •     Great networking opportunities
  •     Wonderful addition to your resume
  •     You get to watch and be involved in fantastic performances and art installations
  •     A chance to make queer history and contribute your vision to the Forest of The Future
  •     A chance to have tons of fun!
To sign up as a Volunteer and/or inquire further about ways in which you can help, please email Shomi Noise at

For further information about Forest of The Future – a detailed list of events and performances will soon be available at

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fascism Reigns at the LGBT Center of NY

Sarah Schulman has been a leading
lesbian playwright, novelist, scholar
and activist in New York for
the past three decades.
How appalling that the LGBT Center of NYC so blatantly continues to discriminate against pro-Palestinian queers. Their policies and practices amount to censorship and are grossly anti-democratic. They defy the very principles of justice and inclusion for marginalized people which are the foundation of the Center's own existence. 


Read more here:


Sarah Schulman is a queer hero. The Center's censorship of her voice is a form of fascism.

Please sign this petition to voice your opposition: