Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Frank's Medical Misadventures: A Status Update

Hi folks,

This is a brief message from me to say that I just spent the day at MSKCC Urgent Care because of a fever I had developed over night on Sunday. I went into the hospital to be monitored most of the day, Monday. After a litany of tests they determined I was not in danger. I came home with no melodramatic aplomb and feeling somewhat refreshed to be quite honest, having gotten some extra hydration and a few new meds to add to my arsenal.

This is my first "personal update" post to this list in a while. You'll soon start to see more. I've decided to revitalize this list by using it to work on chronicling the unfolding story of my medical misadventures. I mean, I've done such things before on this list. But this marks the first time I'm writing specifically about the re-lapse of Hodgkins Lymphoma that I am now battling, after having enjoyed a solid seven-year remission.

For those of you who don't follow me on other channels, and for whom this is news, I will share some more backstory in a later message. I had just wanted to get this one short post out there, just because I've been meaning to. Turns out I am up rather late tonight and I had both the time and wherewithal to do this tiny bit of writing.

For those who want to read more and dig through some other superfluous stuff, go ahead check out my public Facebook and Twitter feeds. There's some medical news and update stuff there already. If we're beyond "unconnected" basic public users sharing cyberspace in the ever-evolving and increasingly impersonal social media universe, there's even more. IDK,* social media has it's place. But, so does the more basic work of telling one's own story on one's own terms. That's what I'll be doing here, especially, on the frankslist email list.

LAST OF ALL, I've created some documents and tools online to assist you in your efforts to follow me. I offer these links for just reference right now. I don't want to go into what they are yet. Just click through the links below and you will see what I am talking about. Hopefully the purpose of the docs will be self-evident.

Treatment Calendar & Visitor Schedule


Buddy List & Contact Info


Please put yourself down on the calendar at any point you can be available to visit me at home and/or in the hospital. And also definitely take a moment to fill in your contact info on the buddy list.

Ok, I think that's it for now. "More bulletins at once," as I used to hear Paul Harvey say on AM radio.


P.S. IDK = I don't know. (In case you didn't.)